Have you thrown away your beautiful heels/shoe/snickers because of foot pain?

There's a solution now, you can rock your heels 👠 / 👟 without complaining of blisters or dashing them out because of pain.

Discover this tiny but, "HEAVY" product that helps to solve this problem easily.

4D Heel Cushion Pad

Plus Ten Toes Foot Pad

Not sold in stores or regular market....very few pieces available in your country!

I suffered from this pain for years a banker who is meant to always dress coperate untill a friend of mine who was in UK recommended this cushion pad and toe pad to me and ever since then my life as a banker has experienced a new turn.

This pain could seems though it’s not a big deal until you start having serious blisters all over your toes.


❀ BREATHABLE: The soft and comfortable cotton honeycomb fabric front foot pad is designed with unique holes, which can form unique pores on the foot pad, allowing free air circulation, effectively alleviating foot sweat and absorbing excess moisture. It can also solve the problem of oversized shoes. It can be used in most shoes, such as sandals, high heels, work boots, ballet shoes, etc.

❀ IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: Metatarsalgia dancer pads designed to reduce the friction between the sole of the foot and the shoe, and effectively prevent slippage; and the material is very soft, elastic and breathable, effectively improving the cushioning force of the forefoot and dispersing pressure.

❀ STAY ACTIVE: Our metatarsal foot pads are comfortable to wear and can be used for many activities every day: work, running, dancing or standing up. The soft material can play a cushioning role.

HIGH QUALITY : These cushions are durable and reusable, and will not deform easily after washing. We provide 5 pairs, so you can wear different clothes every day, and then use them to complete a week of work. You can customize them according to your own shoes to ensure a perfect fit with the shoes.

❀ MULTI-COLOR: Forefoot socks including beige, white, pink, gray, black foot pads, 1 pair of each color, a total of 5 pairs (10pcs) of shoe inserts.

Note: SooGree ball of foot cushion pads is made of sponge, the footpad will become thin after a period of use. After washing, it will return to its original appearance. Customers can choose other types of forefoot pad in this store for those who require thick or high bowing of the foot mats.

This Is What Happens To Your Feet When You Wear Heels All Day Without A Heel Cushion Pad

Wear your footwears with massive comfort.


What Style Of Shoes Can I wear With This?

You Can Wear Either Cover Or Open Toes Shoe As long As The Shoe Has A Cover At The Back.

Is The Cushion Pad Resuable?

Yes It Can Be Reused As Long As Possible.

Kenyan Price

Buy 1 pair of cushion pad and foot pad for Ksh3,000 and get FREE DELIVERY

Normal Price Ksh 7,800 and (ksh 700 delivery fee)

Save ksh 5,500 today!!!

Ugandan Price

Buy 1 pair of cushion pad and foot pad for Ugx 80,000 and get FREE DELIVERY

Normal Price Ugx 165,000 and (Ugx 30,000delivery fee)

Save ksh 5,500 today!!!

Ghanian Price

Buy 1 pair of cushion pad and foot pad for Ghc 300.00 and get FREE DELIVERY

Normal Price Ghc 550.00 and (Ghc 50.00 delivery fee)

Save ksh 5,500 today!!!

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